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About The Magic Hat

The Magic Hat is a 2D asymmetric two player game where an unlikely duo, a squirrel and a hedgehog, must return a wizard’s hat. The players must combine their unique abilities to overcome obstacles and defeat evil bosses in order to return the hat to its rightful owner.

Development Blog + Download
Download Game Here (Click on Gold builds) Requires 2 Xbox controllers

Development Details

  • Final Team Project for Game Development Course
  • Development Cycle: 1-2 months (Agile Development)
  • Team: Nigel Charleston, Natasha Badami, David Hu, Keaton Bonds, Paul Green
  • Engine: Unity
  • Programming Language: C#

Role: Gameplay Programmer + Blog Writer

  • Found and fixed critical bugs impacting gameplay and UI functionailty, improving the players' experience with the game.
  • Implemented a game controller object which manages player progression, as well as a respawning mechanic for reviving dead players.
  • Wrote weekly blog posts on the game's development via Indie DB, documenting the team's progress and struggles.
  • Helped organize and run play sessions, which were used to solicit feedback on the game from the general public.


Reflection on Project Experience Avaliable Here