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About Desolation Place

Desolation Place is WolverineSoft Studio's first 3D stealth horror game. The player character must escape from an abandoned castle, avoiding the terrors that lurk within its shadows as well as the terrors that haunt his past.

Offical Game Website + Download

Development Details

  • Studio: WolverineSoft
  • Development Cycle: ~10 weeks w/ Agile Development
  • Team: 25 Developers as a whole; 5 on the Player Team
  • Engine: Unity
  • Programming Language: C#

Role: Studio Technical Leader-Player Team

  • Spearheaded a sub-team of 5 developers which designed and built gameplay systems tied to player experience (movement controls, dynamic UI, item inspection system).
  • Delegated weekly tasks amongst the player team to develop essential gameplay mechanics, user interface, and audio in Unity and C#.
  • Collaborated with the level design and enemy teams daily to resolve issues with player mechanics interacting with the game environments.


Reflection on Project Experience Avaliable Here