About Me

My name is Nigel Charleston: I am a computer science major and teaching assistant at the University of Michigan, and technical lead at the student-run Wolverine Soft Game Studio. This past summer, I led the player-technology team on a project titled Desolation Place, Wolverine Soft’s first 3D horror game (Unity, C#). In my role, I was tasked with spearheading 2 programmers, 1 animation artist, 1 game designer, and 1 audio producer with building gameplay mechanics and systems tied to the player’s experience.


I have experience in game programming in C# and Unity: having contributed to 2 released projects, and 1 game dev course project. I have developed code for gameplay, artificial intelligence, and user interfaces. I also have expertise in C and C++ through my coursework and teaching responsibilities (the University of Michigan is a C++ school), and working knowledge of Python and Javascript through software engineering internships at Qualcomm and Visa. My coursework includes linear algebra, probability and statistics, video game development, data structures and algorithms, and operating systems.


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